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Donations for Kellhof e.V.

The Kellhof e.V. is recognised as a NGO by the receiver of revenue Tuttlingen/Germany and may receive donations for charity.

Donations please direct to:
Kellhof e.V.
Account DE 45 6435 0070 0000 9002 41
Kreissparkasse Tuttlingen

We fully guarantee that every donated cent will reach the projects in South Africa. No administration fees will arise and the utilization will be observed closely in situ.

Donations will be used for clearly defined projects and will be documented on demand.
  • With only € 300 we will be able to allow a HIV mother to have her baby by caesarean to minimize the risk of the baby to get contaminated by HIV, including the feeding for the first year, as breast feeding can transmit viruses.
  • For only € 120 we pay the school fees for a scholar and the mandatory school uniform and make it possible for her or him to attend school.
  • For € 500 the fees for a student at a tertiary institution can be paid for one semester.
  • € 100 will be enough to give a child of the school for street children 3 healthy meals a day for one year

  • As a bigger project we would like to give the renovation of the sanitation bloc at the Combined School at Hermannsburg / Natal a start. For that we need about € 20.000,-.









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Published on: Monday, May 21 2007 (32196 reads)
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