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Intensive Individual Treatment Program

The Principal Establishment:
The Kellhof-Alte Post residence is an institution for Child- and Youth care, that has for 17 years been providing residential assistance and rehabilitation. Emphasis being on: reintegrating children, that have refused to attend school, into the educational system; or other indications by children and/or youths that could not be coped with at public and/or special schools.
This assistance does not, however, do justice to children/youths with extreme family or behavioural problems. As a result we extended our services to provide for this in terms of §35 KJHG. (Child & Youth Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.)

Intensive Individual Treatment Program (I.I.T.P.):

This I.I.T.P. represents the most consistent form of individual assistance. Every measure is planned entirely according to the needs of the young individual.  Emphasis is placed on experiencing life and relationships and the moulding and practising of a successful everyday life.  The personal development and maturing of the young person are the main goals. In order to completely remove the young person out of his/her familiar environment, these procedures are conducted in foreign countries as a matter of principle.

This has two advantages:
A strange and unfamiliar surrounding causes uncertainty and results in greater dependence of the young person upon his/her care-taker as well as encouraging a process of bonding.

Practical therapy is applied through the youths own learning experience and conduct. The success or failure of daily living is the responsibility of the young person - he can learn to make his own plan of action, to bring it to realisation and to motivate himself through positive experiences and being responsible for his behaviour. Through this, little by little, getting a grip on his life.
The Custodian (Social Worker) is the Helper, not the Maker.

Characteristics of this form of care:
  • the experiencing of human relationships within a small framework (structure)
  • the experiencing of breathing space/rest/peace, also in social areas, as there is no peer/group pressure a consequential removal from the problematic family, school, peers
  • the opportunity to adapt new life and coping skills
  • maturing
  • the development of a realistic concept of self and environment, through experiencing the consequences of own actions
  • development of self confidence by coping with demanding situations or everyday problems
  • taking responsibility for self and others
  • breaking down egocentric structures and sensitising for the interest of others, thereby developing social skills
  • to develop a positive physical body awareness by physical work and training, experiencing physical exhaustion and refreshing
  • self responsibility and self discipline is being learnt
These projects are very expensive. Nevertheless, as they are short term and an intensive educational intervention, their success proves such projects to be cost effective. In order for this intervention to be successful, provision should be made for at least 12 months. Some interventions within a shorter time span however have also been successful.

Direct expenditures:
Salaries of the project leaders, finances for daily necessities, pocket money and clothing are paid in a lump-sum; also included in this are the costs for at least quarterly visitations to the custodians and the wards for counselling and supervision.
Nonrecurring additional costs of the air trips of project leader and child. This cost varies from different airways. Approx. Euro 1000.00 / Euro 2000.00 per person

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Published on: Monday, May 21 2007 (70764 reads)
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