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Administrative body

Hermann Klöcker
  born 1932, two children, had been working many years as a bookseller in South Africa, but he returned to Germany in order to study special pedagogics.

He was a special school teacher for physically disabled and started his own independent organisation for children and teenagers - the Kellhof. At first there were five children being cared of within the family. In the meantime Kellhof has been replaced by Kellhof-Alte-Post giving 16 persons the possibility to live in shared units.

In 1996 Hermann enabled the first teenager to stay within a project in South Africa. During the following years he realized several wellstructured ISE-projects in South Africa.

He is still needed as a supervisor, but withdrawing more and more from the daily business. But because he is living most of the year in South Africa he is always there to help whenever a problem occurs.

Dr. Karoline Ambraß
Dr. Karoline Ambraß, born 1969 in South Africa is a general practitioner, her studies including a special emphasis on psychosomatic treatments. In 2004 she overtook several administrative tasks for Kellhof-Umvoti from her father, Hermann Klöcker.

Karoline is responsible for all inquiries. She is having the first talks with the teenagers, parents and the youth welfare office, maintaining contact to all institutions involved (school, psychiatry, consulate). Also she acts as a mediator between Germany and South Africa.

During the whole stay abroad Karoline is keeping contact to the teenagers by phone, chat and personal visits; always trying to represent the interests and wishes of the teenager in the talks sceduled every six month during the time of the project.

Regular meetings with parents and detailed planing of the future measures for the teenager are an essential part of her job.
Sven Malzahn
  Sven Malzahn, born 1963, three children, did his matric and studied social education in Germany. Since 1992 he is working in South Africa being granted an unlimited residence permit.

Sven Malzahn is coordinator of all ISE-projects in South Africa. He has regular personal contact to all  teenagers and is easily  reached by phone at every time of the day. For daily worries and problems he is the one to get in touch with and also immediately on location if any crisis should arise.

Sven organises the regular meetings and supervisions. He maintains contact to all the public authorities (district administration, police, youth welfare office) and is  their direct contact person.

Due to his extra training in criminology (BA Criminology) he is cooperating closely with the local police station. He is in charge of setting up an emergency admission (Child Advocacy  Center) for underage victims of  criminal offence.

Sven is also looking after the students (from  German BA and FH) during their studies in South  Africa.

Together with his wife Uta he is offering an ISE-project.

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Published on: Friday, July 13 2007 (40343 reads)
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