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South Africa

South Africa is a country of over 47-million people with a variety of origins, cultures, languages and beliefs

With its 1.219.912 km2 it is approximately 3.5 times bigger than Germany but has only half of the population.

This low density in population especially in the rural and semi rural areas comprises of a widely intact social structure without much opportunities to be exposed to disruption, just what our young Germans need as a base for a new beginning to overcome their over stimulation .

South Africa is an ethnically mixed country in which people of all colours live.  It calls itself the Rainbow Nation.  While more than three-quarters of South Africa's population is black African, this category is neither culturally nor linguistically homogenous. The white population makes nearly 20 % and their languages are English and Afrikaans but English prevails in commerce and school.

The constitution, compiled under Nelson Mandela, is the most progressive of the world. Under this constitution, South Africa goes its way of reconciliation amongst all cultures, races and colours and developed itself to the most progressive nation of the whole of Africa.

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Published on: Thursday, May 17 2007 (224564 reads)
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