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Child Asessment Center

This center is a charitable organisation mainly sponsored by Kellhof e.V. and Kellhof-Umvoti projects.

The opening of the Child Assessment Center is a very successful start of an initiative of our organisations and aims at delivering an effective and useful community and development aid and  social care for abused children and has to be seen as an payback for the hospitality we received in South Africa.

The CAC is situated in the Greytown Police Station and can offer immediately professional help and care for children who fell victim to sexual or other kind of abuse.

With the help of Kellhof-Umvoti a room suitable for children has been created where traumatised children can professionally be cared for.

The project is managed by Mr Sven Malzahn and he is assisted by three voluntary therapists.

It is the aim, to guarantee age specific intervention and help for the children and to create an atmosphere of trust during the period of criminal investigation against the perpetrators.

Kellhof e.V. and Kellhof-Umvoti both can look back on to a fruitful and productive cooperation with the local police force, child welfare and other social institutions.

In January 2007  the refurbishing and renovation of a bigger house in Hermannsburg were completed.  This house can now be used as a safe place and a retreat for abused children, to give the shelter for the first six weeks, till a home or foster parents can be found. The monthly cost for bord and lodging are on account of Kellhof-Umvoti.

Further, the Child Assessment Center is an information and community service. There are programs for Primary Schools and other charitably organizations available.

German students from tertiary institutions for social workers give very positive feedbacks about their experiences with the CAC and the insights about social work in South Africa and the legal aspects of it.
Donation for the Child Assessment Center are in South Africa directly deductible, in Germany in cooperation with Kellhof e.V.

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Published on: Friday, May 18 2007 (228254 reads)
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