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Kellhof e.V.

The Kellhof NGO supports children and youngsters in South Africa and Germany. At present the Kellhof organisationn supports the further extension and refurbishing of a larger combined school in KwazuluNatal and a School for street children in the vicinity of East London, Eastern Cape.
The Kellhof Alte Post and Kellhof-Umvoti originate both in Kellhof e.V.

From 1980-2000 the Kellhof e.V. was the legally and economically responsible body for  youth care institutions. For organisational reasons the Kellhof-Umvoti became the responsible body for the Kellhot therapy projects in South Africa and the Kellhof-AltePost took responsibility for the German children homes.

Now the Kellhof e.V. is the responsible body providing intensive therapy programmes for the german children in Europe and the support provider for schools catering for underprivileged, mostly black children in South Africa.

Since beginning of 2005 Kellhof e.V. is main sponsor of the Child Assessment Center in Pietermaritzburg / Natal and since 2007 for the newly established centre in Greytown / Natal.

The Kellhof organisation also supports HIV positive children in South Africa. It provides medical help and secures basic medication. This includes active assistance for young prospective mothers to ensure that children are born with a minimum risk to become infected with HIV.

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Published on: Friday, May 18 2007 (232091 reads)
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